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2014 Autumn collection

The Rule of the roSe



2014 Autumn collection

The Rule of the roSe



garbage elk. it is shaking. its back is covered in candles which flicker ominously.

I know, I know, I should be working on my comic. But Whimbrel showed me a fursona generator. Or at least, it calls itself a fursona generator. Everything that comes out of it feels like some kind of strange and powerful deity

I’m going to call him Candleback, He is the Shadow of discarded dreams. Every time you give up on an ambition, he knows. He remembers. And he will remember your dreams long after you are gone. 

His favorite color is fuchsia. 

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Macaroon original print series is released now!

Check the follow link for the detials~

Original print and new design form R-SERIES lolita fashion.

It was raining that day, but we were lucky enough to wait it stop and finished our photo plan.

So happy to have photos with my friends!!! XDDDD

Wish we can have a nice sun shine next time. :P

Hello~ Im a girl who just got into Lolita fashion. I bought a few dresses, but I don't really have a big enough wardrobe yet to dress in Lolita everyday. Do you have tips for me in general when it comes to dressing in Lolita? ^o^ - Yumeko

Asked by yumekoheichou

Hi, nice to see you Yumeko. I usually dress in full set in parties or dating. And dress in light and comfortable coordination (for example school style or country lolita or sailor lolita) to go to work. But actually, you can wear lolita fashion in any time if you like. :P Wish you enjoy your dress!

Coordination in these summer days~

It’s usually above 35 centigrade outside here in summer, tooooooooo hot to wear in a heavy way, so I prefer country lolita and school uniform style. :D Also wear J-fashion and light gothic(usually in a air-condition room).

1,Hat: from antique market / blouse,scarf&wrist cuffs: R-SERIES / corset: B.O.Z / skirt: B.P.N / bag: Jane marple / Stocking:Grimoire .

2,Hat: Innocent World / blouse&pants: E-hyphen / neck ribbon: taobao 

3,Bag:E-hyphen / all the rest: R-SERIES

4,Shoes: HARUTA / bag: from a shop in Japan / all the rest: taobao.

5,Hat,bolero&brooch: Innocent World / pants: Honeys / bag:BSSB / stocking:taobao 

6. OP&wrist cuffs: Innocent World / bag: Nice clap / brooch&parasol: R-SERIES / 

7,Hat&bolero: R-SERIES / bag:swimmer / OP:QQQ(I add a ribbon belt on it).

8,Hair pin,OP & wrist cuffs: R-SERIES / bag&shoes: Innocent World/ parasol:BSSB.

9,Hat:R-SERIES / bag: Vivian Westwood /  all the rest:local shop.

10. Hat,OP&wrist cuffs:Innocent World/ parasol:BSSB / bag&shoes:R-SERIES.

Finally! Thank you all for your patience!

Luna in the sea, the new designed print of R=SERIES is going to be release at 9 p.m. 29th July, tomorrow.

The index page of the design series is HERE.

Check HERE to know how to order by e-mail and pay with Paypal.

Welcome any question. :D

Hello! Is the series coming out this week?? <3 <3

Hello! We are not sure. But we are trying hard on it! Thank you.


…the Saints are displayed in a cathedral in Eastern Germany close to the Czech border and were acquired in the 17th century when there was a big trade in relics. They are said to be the remains of Martyred saints that were stored in the catacombs of Rome before being removed and traded. They were reassembled and dressed in their fine regalia and displayed in ornate cabinets.

Toby de Silva

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Dear no_boundaries_iris,

So sorry but our taobao customer service was trying to contact you for nearly 2 monthes.
There is some problems with your order.
Please contact us with wangwang or just e-mail me.
Here is the mail address,

Thank you so much!

Sneak peek of R-SERIES, the “luna in the sea” series.

Now we’ve got the model photos!

This series has a JSK, an OP, a blouse, 2 kinds of wrist cuff, a hair pin and a head dress, 8 items in all.

We are trying to released they all in next week, and I’ll post the details on my blog. XD

Welcome then!!

Thank you very much!


Evening Dress, 1957

Jacques Fath

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Oh, my!!!!!!

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Specially designed for the “8 variations for Stradivari” exhibition at Cremona, Italy (May 2013), this style is Kobi’s view of the classic instrument. The brown leather mimics the warmness of carved wood and with “strings” up the heel and S-shaped “holes” on the insole and sole, the transformation into a shoe shape is complete.

Harp Footwear Art by Kobi Levi

This design is inspired by the classic harp. Like the instrument itself, it is shaped around an empty space, where the main details are placed to complete and emphasize the overall look.


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